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A breed of canine that has a tail strategically placed so that it permanently displays its arsehole. Espescially prominent on light coloured dogs.
Look at that bloke over there walking his butt mutt. Why do people think that sort of thing is attractive, I mean bloody hell, the dog keeps winking at me with its backside and putting me off my subway sandwich!
by Charverharver January 10, 2010
An elderly woman who is well into their jogging, cycling or any other keep fit activities. Not to be confused with Energizer Granny.
Look at the old go-go granny jogging over there, she looks like the female version of Jimmy Saville!
by Charverharver February 05, 2010
An elderly woman who was old in nineteen o' Jesus and still keeps on going and going and going...
Sakhan Dosova is an Energizer Granny. (Look her up - apparently she is/was 134).
by Charverharver March 25, 2010

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