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Charnock Richard is a village in Lancashire, England which serves simply as a euphamism for bums or the taking of "it" up the bum.
Nick really loves it up the Charnock Richard.

Marcus kicked that kid right in the Charnock Richard, now his dad is chasing him.

Ray had to go to hospital with a milk bottle stuck in his Charnock Richard. He cannot eat solids ever again.
by Charnock Richard May 13, 2012
The part of Bristol you go to if you want your stuff to be stolen by gypsies in a pick-up truck.
I am fed up with this bike, I shall take it to Crews Hole. Some jobless caravan dwelling bastard is bound to come along and steal it.
by Charnock Richard January 13, 2014
A university set up in the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh to accept students who were not able to obtain the qualifications necessary to get into Heriot-Watt University or Telford College.
One of the oldest educational establishments in Scotland, Edinburgh University is unique in it's ruling that all students must be in possession of a large trust fund paid for by a familial benefactor or mysterious "uncle", thus enabling the students able to lord it over everyone else without having an iota of common sense or self awareness.
Rupert and Tarquin did not do well in their exams, it looks like Edinburgh University for them.
by Charnock Richard January 13, 2014
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