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The number one entertainer! She is gorgeous and has unbelievable talent. She works so hard and i admire what she does. Her work is breathtaking!
Hit me Baby One more Time!
I Love Rock and Roll!
by Charlotte Brear May 09, 2005
Hilary is such a great girl. She is a talented artist. Her music and her movies are fantastic and she is loved by so many people. She is so beautiful aswell.
She is so nice. Lindsay is mean to her and lindsay is ugly and has crap music!
Raise Your Voice
Lizzie Maguire
Both gud movies
by Charlotte Brear May 09, 2005
A girl with such amazing talent. As a singer i adore her voice so much and hope to be as great as her one day. She has stared in box office hits: The Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. She is a godess!
Phantom of the Opera was one of the best films i've ever seen. I love it!
by Charlotte Brear May 09, 2005
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