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Please do not mistake this with "Canada's Herstory"...

"Canada's History" is known as one of the highest rituals among men in that country.Atleast two men must be present for this classic competition. Directions: Make sure to lube that anus with some Maple syrup, you're going to need it. First one make male begins to perform oral sex on another. As soon as the second male is about to reach his climax, he will then turn to shoot it into the Stanley Cup. The Stanley cup is raised in the air, preferably on a coffee table. The height of which his jizz lands on the cup determines how far he must take a moose antler up the ass from the previous participant. It then repeats reversing roles. The person to get it in the cup first wins.
"Don't tell my wife about Canada's History tonight"
by Charlie Fellowship February 05, 2010
Do not mistake this for "Canada's History"

Canada's Herstory has recently become popular among Canadian college girls because we all know they have a sweet tooth...

Description: This ritual requires atleast two females and is very simple. Who ever the participants are must agree not to say "eh?" throughout the event. As soon as one person slips, she must start drinking from a bottle of maple syrup. She may only stop once another participant has successfully place a moose antler up her ass. It can be assumed she will throw up at some point in the night so have a replica of the stanley cup available.
"Canada's Herstory tonight? I guess if I can find my lucky antler and bottle of maple syrup."
by Charlie Fellowship February 05, 2010

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