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The LOOSE expulsion of gas through the anal or vaganal passage. Usually the opposite of a sbd (silent but deadly) these sometimes have the ability to be EXPLOSIVE. So look out!
"HOLY CRAP! I JUST BORFED!" yelled Michael
by Charlie Chode November 24, 2007
The loose sounding expulsion of air from the vaginal canal. Surprisingly guys can borf as well. When you have a "BIG FART" those things can just barrel out of there. The same applies for a girl, except out her va-j-j.
"As i walked home from Silver Lake restaurant, i felt as if something didnt apply right with my stomach-BORF!" also theres the after sex borf. "that was amaz-BORF!" "uhh...fucking gross." said brendan
by Charlie Chode November 23, 2007
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