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A sacred contest held at the center of Peruvian villages, where all the villagers compare who's donkey has the largest penis. The villagers in an attempt to appease the Gods then proceed to lubricate the rectum of the village leader's daughter with cocoa butter, at which point the sodomy begins.
Adelmo: When is the next Peruvian donkey slamming contest?
Pablo: I don't know, but next year I hope to have the most powerful donkey in all of Peru.
by Charlie's Chocolate Factory October 25, 2009
An Iranian sexual act, in which one person rides an exercise bike and pedals without going anywhere. While the cyclist is pedaling away, another person proceeds to fling diarrhea at the cyclist's face with a spatula. The cyclist can pedal all they want, but they're not going anywhere on a freestanding bicycle.
Maz Jobrani may be a mildly amusing comedian, but the word on the street is that he gives one hell of an Iranian Bike Ride.
by Charlie's Chocolate Factory November 08, 2009

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