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Bukkake occurs when a group of men, perhaps 50 or more, manually stimulate themselves to climax and proceed to squirt warm ectoplasm onto the face, hair, body, or into the eyeballs, ears or mouth of a waiting and willing female. The female will sometimes decide to swallow the creamy ejaculate and utilize the energy and protein it provides to rejuvenate her and allow her to heartily receive two further litres of semen onto her now apparently yogurt and glue covered visage. Bukkake originated in Japan, but is now widely practised throughout the world.
Hey honey, do you want to go engage in a 100 man bukkake session? Good. Don't bother having dinner tonight alright? Oh, and don't bother going to the spa for a facial today either. You will receive both courtesy of the city fire department's entire staff tonight at the firehall. Oh, and don't wear anything nice. We'll just throw your clothes straight in the garbage when we're finished. Hope you like semen!
by Charles Wellingtons August 22, 2005

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