10 definitions by Charles Swanson

The words "Get Out Of Here" spoken in a one sylible word. Generally used by lazy people who can say a full sentence.
When Spano asked for a free bagel, Gario told him to Gheowdaeah!

When Joe's dog kept bringing him the ball Joe Shouted "Gheowdaeah with that ball!
by Charles Swanson February 17, 2005
an atractive female, one or more.
Yo Victor, you seen that piece? Yeah that's some fuckin sweets right there.
look there go some older sweets at the bar.
by Charles Swanson February 19, 2005
1.Describing a man's signifacant other, not just any slore
Derived from the word bitch.
2.The act of hanging out with a with a female,signifacant or other-A bid
1. So that's your new bid, did ya give her the dirty sanchez yet?
2. Where's Tony? He's doin a bid with some new swank. Oh he's biddin' it up tonight.
by Charles Swanson February 19, 2005

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