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3 definitions by Charisma Resistant

(from Steampunk motif of brass goggles)

- Late adopter of a scene who commonly gets credit for exemplying it through the use of a single, high-concept visual symbol, ie, brass goggles, anatomical corsets.
Characterized by simultaneous need to be identified with, and deep resentment of, the innovators of the trend they emulate. Self-image dependent on imaginary placement in percieved hierarchy of originality.
Often deliberately and defensively ignorant about true roots of their chosen aesthetic scene; more often just unaware.

Not to be confused with Babelfish Travelers.

Predessors include Drugstore Cowboy, Parking-Lot DeadHead and "Camp" Follower.
"Man, I haven't seen so many skeleton corsets since my sister's sorority went to the '07 Decembrist's show. Goggle-polishers for days.
by Charisma Resistant September 08, 2008
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Sudden and nervous evacuation caused by negative anticipation in a social setting.

Like nervous dump, but quicker and more likely to occur in females.
Example 1 "Ready to give your speech on Female Genital Mutilation, or should I go first?"
"Wait a minute, I think I better take a soft-shit"

Example 2
"Hey, your boyfriend told me to check on you, he's worried you'll miss your plane"

"Thanks. Tell him I'm okay. I always have to take a soft-shit when I hear those big engines".
by Charisma Resistant September 17, 2008
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Women who are proudly and defiantly NOT a part of the 'vajority'.
"Hilary's too much of a virtuecrat to get my vote just because she has a vaj.I'll go with the labia minority."

"Hells yeah, and she voted for the war and lied about it. Let's vote for a woman with balls. UD would come up with great words for us then".
by Charisma Resistant January 03, 2008
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