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Quite possibly the best game released in 2009. An RPG with real-time and strong tactically-based combat, amazing graphics and a powerful plot, this game delivers everything. You can choose from 3 races (human, dwarves, and elves), and 3 classes (warrior, rogue and mage) each with 4 specializations. You gather other party members, each of which have unique stories behind them. You are constantly prompted with decisions, affecting dialogue, or even the outcome of the game.

There's so much content neatly packed in this game it's difficult to explain it all without talking someone's ear off. But if you like RPGs, especially games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy, there's no reason not to love this game.
Lululululul. Dragon Age: Origins
by Chaosreaver January 18, 2010
An aura of death that surrounds everything and massively trolls them on exponential levels. People have been known to An Hero when a Death Aura is near. The term "Death Aura" came from Nazi Germanly in the mid to late 30's to describe the despair surrounding German-Occupied France. French people were known to commit suicide on the streets in the name of democracy and the republic, as a direct opposition towards Hitler's regime. We all know, however, Hitler just wanted to troll.
Death Aura came to NoXious.net and trolled everyone. They cried.
by Chaosreaver January 18, 2010

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