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An analogue of 2cb, 2ci is a relatively new hallucinogenic drug(2001) relative to acid and extasy. Until recently 2ci could be purchased online. The DEA is currently trying to prosecute several research chemical vendors for selling it. No individual has been prosecuted for 2ci.
I took around 20mg of 2ci about half an hour ago and am now TRIPPING BALLS.
by Chaos(not-the-same-as-entropy) October 27, 2005
Taking extasy and mushrooms in a combination with each other. The tripp can last until the person goes to sleep(up to several days). Highly discouraged by most veteran drug users.
I've got a couple of tabs of x and a few shroom caps, do you want to go hippy flipping.
by Chaos(not-the-same-as-entropy) October 27, 2005
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