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9 definitions by Chango Bolamongo

The obvious answer to the question, "Who's your daddy?"
MARVIN: "WHO'S yor daddy ?!"
UD USER #40923.3: "Son, I always meant to tell you, I'M YOUR DADDY."

NANCY: "WHO'S ya daddy.(?)
UD USER #35013.6: Baby, I'M YO DADDY. Lemme show you the family jewels.

BOBBY KNIGHT: "Hoosier daddy!"
MENTAL WARD ORDERLY: "Alright Mr. Knight, here's your medication. I need you to keep your outbursts under control. Now, let's all have a good Knight." (under breath:) "I'M Y'DADDY and don't you forget it!"
by Chango Bolamongo October 07, 2006
Update of Dave Chappelle's comedic punchline:

"I'm Rick James, Bitch!"

As with the best of quips, the original has lost its blang due to overuse and abuse by unfunny party parrots and new subscribers to the Comedy Channel.
OPPONENT: "And I just dunked on your ass, LeBron James Bitch!"
by Chango Bolamongo October 09, 2006