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Mt. Gitter' Done is a real place. It is the highest point in Travis County Texas. You git there thuswise:
Take TX-71 outta town (keepin right at the fork with 290 west outta town). When you git to the Village of Bee Caves, slow down. They're lookin for city slickers to fuck over on drugs and alcohol drivings charges. Plus, you miss the turn. Go left. On Hamilton Pool Road. For anti-tresspassin reasons, y'all can't know whur to turn right. Then you hike up Ruski Ravine and hike left up to polak's throne. from there it's easy. There's a clearing in the woods at the very top of the hill. And that's when you cum on his\her face.
Dude. I climbed Mt. Gitter' Done.
Last Night.
by Chalicebearer December 13, 2010

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