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Why do you define it? Why bother? The first thing someone does when they're introduced to something is anylize it, and dissect it. why? I don't need a philosophy of a goth to be one. Why do you need to be an expert on one the moment you see one on the street, in a restaurant, we are everywhere. It goes without saying. We have been taken over by what the world envisions it's citizens, by what America envisions it's citizens (especially it's children) to be. It has a fixed view of how we should behave; when we behave out of character you label us instead of adressing us. I can't help but ask why.

Let me startoff by clarifying something that's been a back and forth idea. Marylin Manson isn't REALLY a goth. He's more of a split person. He actually reminds me of Amy Lee; in the sense that the goth side of him is more reserved for the stage. He's not just weird, he's free. He lives the way he wants, not the way you want. At the end of the day it's his life. I said that to say this; why waste your time to criticize something that you've only witnessed from a vague and foggy point of view. you haven't taken the time to know us. If you did you wouldn't have anything to say about us. In the truest sense we are no different than you.

Let me just cut to the chase; my favorite Hollywood line. Goth is, in the oldest form of the word, a German tribe that once sacked Rome. in the not too distant form it started out as a variant of punk. I did a little research and found that the first group to start wearing black was The Doors; eventually their fans took in this look and before long it wasn't just a variant of punk, but a sub-culture instead.

The modern and current sense of the word is a bit difficult to explain. It's been tossed around and toyed with so much that it's become the most unique thing around. It's unreal is what it is. Goth, in the simplest is not an anti-christ cult.You wouldn't believe how many people believe this; and these aren't just a bunch of crazies, but decent respectable people. the easy reason for this is because this isn't too far from what todays society sees. the first thing we did when Columbine came around was stick it to the goths; and if you asked them now...they couldn't tell you why. I even heard a few things being thrown around about the Virginia Tech. I've heard psychiatrist's define us as dour and depressed group of teens who are obsessed with the macabre and have surrounded themselves with the thought that they are alone and that their lives aren't worth living. I'm ashamed to say that when I read those words I wanted to use this person for target practice. I am not depressed, I am fifteen. I just happen to have the luxury of seeing the world for what it really is. We need to stop being defined, this is killing us. We have been tossed around the room so much that I sometimes wish that we could be left alone to rebuild. Don't write what you haven't taken the time to learn.
I was in middle school one day when somebody came up to me. I wanted to kneecap him, if only out of principle.

He said: Why would you do that? Don't you have any decency?

I said: ...WHA?!

He said: Did God kick you to the curb, is that why you're with them satanists freaks over there (he pointed to my friends.)

I said: ...WHA?!

He said: I can help you. see there's there's this church I go to every wednesday and sunday. You can't be gay man (then he whispers...it's a sin, and the nods.)

I said: Okay...so far I said a fraction of a word to you and in the past five minutes i've become both a satanist and gay.

I then said:(sarcastically of course!!) Keep going man...your'e on a roll.

He walked away!! I swear to everyone reading this that it is 100% true. The entire time he never used the word goth.
by Chad Raye June 28, 2007

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