1 definition by Ché Guevara was a scum bag

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1. One who supports the concept of anarchy.

2. Obnoxious 12 year old whose primary reading material is totse.com, wears shitty scream metal t-shirts or hooded sweatshirts bearing the ever-so-rebellious "anarchy" symbol, and fantasizes about gunpowder and pipe bombs while masturbating. Usually very short-tempered, this being a direct result of their unbelievably cruel upbringing as a scrawny, middle-class white kid in the suburbs.
1. I believe in and support the concept of anarchy.

2. My parents make me take out the garbage, so I will rebel against their oppressive ways by skateboarding and carving my name into the walls of a bus-shack.
by Ché Guevara was a scum bag July 08, 2005
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