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2 definitions by Cesar B

Paz Lenchantin is a multi-talented musician : she plays bass, violin, guitar, piano and other things. She's from Argentina. She's cute and sexy brunette. She has the most beautiful legs. I mean she's a leggy and booty girl. When she's on stage, she uses high heels, a tiny skirt and a stretch t-shirt. She played in A Perfect Circle and Zwan. Now she plays in Papa M.
Example....mmm.... i don't know what to say.
by Cesar B November 15, 2003
30 8
1. Someone of high ignorant behavior yet carry drivers liscences or work at the DMV.

2. Mean in nature and who dislike everyone in general due to their negative energy.

3. Walk and talk as if a giant redwood was inserted into their rectum.
That dip ship couldn't tell the difference between his asshole and his mouth.
by Cesar B August 02, 2003
50 35