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1 definition by CertainHaley5

A "Jaylen" is an amazing sort of man. Words cannot describe how much he means to those that love him. He is very funny, has an incredible sense of humor, & always knows what to say. He has perfect timeing. Jaylen is a very handsome sort of man, exteremly sexy with black-brown curls & deep brown eyes. He usually wears glasses. Jaylen's laugh is addicting & so unique. His 6'6" frame makes girls, esspecially ones named "Haley" go crazy. He is the best friend a certain "Haley" could ever ask for. She loves him with all her heart. Jaylen enjoys Kevin Hart comedy & the movie The Hangover. He is a beast at football & the king of basketball. Always there to listen. Always there for a certain "Haley". He means more to her then words can describe. All of the best adjectives in every language go out to describe this man. Above all else, a certain "Haley" is truely in love with him.
Person #1: That guy is so amazing!

Person #2: His name MUST be Jaylen!
by CertainHaley5 December 19, 2010