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Derived from Yao Ming, this is a funny korean kid w/ glasses. When asked his real korean name, this was the first thing that came to his mind. When his glasses are on, he is Sammy Song, but when they come off he transforms into Young Min.
Sam: Sup Brandon?
Brandon: YOUNG MIN!
by Cerasi March 04, 2004
When your really bored and there is nothing to do, this phrase is used to annoy a person named Matt.
Teacher: Is the nuclear envelope surrounding the interterestrial membrane of the coproal interstitial tissue....

Kid: (Towards Matt): BADDYOOH!

(Matt punches kid)
by Cerasi March 04, 2004
When many people began calling Speener "Fatfuck," he was really mad so he decided to make fun asians by calling a friend "squintfuck." Unfortunately this word is not used by anyone except Speener.
Tak: Spence, you failed a regular math test!?
Spencer: Squintfuck!!
by Cerasi March 04, 2004
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