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Airsoft Is like paintball in many ways. Airsoft is usually slower paced game based off of Tactics, Ops, and Mil-Sim/Reenactments. When paintball is more fast paced. Yes Paintball hurts more and is easy to identify when hit while Airsoft uses an"Honor System".They sports differ in many ways but both have their own ups and downs.

Airsoft Pros:Can fire 6MM Paintballs, Major weapon Variety, Customizable and realistic guns, More realistic weight, A more Honorable Game.

PaintBall Pros: More identifiable hits, Faster Paced, Fires bigger rounds and hurts more.

Airsoft Cons:Slow Paced(Usually), You must have honor or threaten being kicked from game, Small rounds which can stray off, Constant Political votes to banish the sport.

Paintball Cons: Non realistic guns, Big ass Ammo Resevoir blocking your sight,No big weapon variety (Example Shotgunner, Machine gunner etc.) weapon classes Besides Assault and Long Range).

So overall both sports are better in their own ways and whoever is stupid enough to argue which is better has no life and is willing to waste whatever fragment of one he has arguing about it...Is a major Dumbass
Ignorant bastard: Airsoft is a pussies sport

Standard Airsofter: Have you even tried it?
by Centurion A3 March 09, 2012

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