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A raver is someone who promotes that PLUR bullshit, which is totally fuking ridikulous. If you happen to befriend a raver, the relationship is doomed to fail due to selfishness on the ravers part. The total kollapse of industrial kounter kulture is fairly on the ravers shoulders. this is due to such promotions on the ravers part. Shouting about love, peace and fairness. Nothing about a raver is trustworthy, and your better off not having tried to befriend them. A raver isnt a human. Thats the best definition.
Erik: Shit...man i'm depressed. My raver left me, it seems like i've got nothin left. I feel like shit.

Markus: Don't worry, everything will get better, after all, hes just a raver man, its gonna be all right, but I did warn you.
by CenterPoint Of Societal Refuse August 06, 2009

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