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2 definitions by Cballzandhoney

Term used by young Alex in Stanley Kubric's 1970's film "A Clockwork Orange" for engaging in the act of sexual intercourse or rape.
- We were getting ready to perform a little The Old In-out on some young girl when she grabbed a knife and cut off my scrotum.
by Cballzandhoney April 10, 2008
A mud dwelling creature notorious for dismembering hands and feet of rice patty workers in areas such as Thailand , Mongolia , China and North Korea. It can be characterized as a carnivorous bottom dwelling fish recognizable by its jagged teeth, circular mouth and flat puffy face. There is evidence of pre-historic Atips allong the Amazon River as well.
The lacerations on the rice workers foot were the work of a disturbed Atip in mating season.

A body of a young child was found without hands or feet which triggered a countrywide genocide of every Atip in the region.
by Cballzandhoney April 10, 2008