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So, little Johnny.. you don't want to flush the toilet after you poo, do you? Well, if you're going to be naughty like that, then you can.. but you'd better be prepared for the Turdburglar to come to your house, then..

He slips quietly through the crack in your front door in the middle of the night and he craaawls right up to the toilet.. and SNATCHES the poo right from the bowl! Then he throws his prize into the Big Bag of Buttnuggets from Bad Children Past and skips off deftly to the Terrible Tower of Turdingston, wayyy up on the top of the hill, where your poo becomes transformed by a team of mad scientists into the next boogie man to hide in your room, waiting to get you!! So if you have a boogie man in your bed or your closet.. it's probably your fault. =^)

Conclusion: do not leave your mess floating about in the loo for everyone and their uncle to see, or you'll be clawed to death by a ferocious beast created from the fecal matter coming back to haunt you. Criminy!
Who's that scrawny sort slinking through the shadows with a sack of shite? Why.. that's a no-good, meddling TURDBURGLAR!!
by Cavia Porcellus March 13, 2010

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