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One of the many sects of Christianity. Also, a religion that has been trying to cover their ass ever since scientific discoveries have proven the Catholic Church wrong. For example, Creationism was widely believed up until the 20th century. Evolution was proven and Creationism was found to be false and stupid. So what does the Catholic Church do? OH UH OMG UH... WELL UH... THE WHOLE CREATION STORY WAS JUST A STORY TO SHOW HOW THE WORLD WAS CREATED OUR B!!

The religion is based on an invisible man in the sky named God. Even though, this invisible man/force/spirit has never been proven, he is still the main idea of the religion. Then comes Jesus, a man who has only been proven to exist by people who did not even know him, a little under 2000 years ago, who ran around in sandals. The story of Jesus is also the same as many other stories from different religions.

For example, the Egyptian Book of the Dead 1250 B.C. a god, Osiris, had a son named Horus born of a virgin. He was visited by shepherds and wanted dead by a king, Herod. During Horus' life he had 12 disciples and was later crucified. He then was buried, rose from the dead, and two women made the discovery of his missing body(THIS REALLY SOUNDS FAMILIAR DOESN'T IT). Oh yeah by the way that story of Horus is true (look it up).

Finally, the Church is probably the biggest hypocrite of the world. The pope lives in a palace while people in Haiti eat mud (Was that in the Bible? you know live lavishly while people die from hunger and not do anything about it?).

Atheist: Way to waste your time. I am going to sleep in.
by Catholicism April 18, 2009

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