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2 definitions by Catherine Marie Kaponga

South African greeting - meaning hello, how are you and what are you up to? Alternatively, I dont really have the energy to stop and chat with you, but take this Howzit as being friendly enough -thanks. also a clear marker for when someone is a south african.
howzit ma bru, howzit ma chinabean, howzit china, howzit.
by Catherine Marie Kaponga May 28, 2005
Either you, your friend or partner have let a fart slip. Fartsy-Mctarts is public friendly and sounds either like a cutie pie name or some strange Irish person as opposed to vile flatulence.
Hey Fartsy-Mctarts, Oops Fartsy-McTarts, did you Fartsy-McTarts?
by Catherine Marie Kaponga May 28, 2005