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Someone who easily gets drunk. They could have 3 shots of a 40% strength alcohol and they're gone. The person is cheap because they don't have to spend as much money on alcohol to get drunk.
See that midget over there. I bet he's a cheap drunk
by Catch Phrase July 13, 2006
1. The Toyota Paseo is a sports coupe that can be viewed as the little brother to the Celica. First made in 1991, not 1992, and finished in 1998 with a convertible version.

2. Paseo is also Spanish for walk or something, just take away the o and it makes sense.
Do an image search for "Toyota Paseo"
by catch phrase April 22, 2006
slang for guts. i cant put it any other way. damn dictionary n its minimum 20 letters requirement
they're on you and your tripes are round your neck (its from weapons training)
by Catch Phrase August 01, 2006
The shortened version or nickname of Burgess. Burgess is a name and whoever wrote the definitions on this website hate the person who has that name.
Burgo's Catch Phrase is that TV show. You know the one. If you're Australian.
by Catch Phrase August 25, 2006
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