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When a girl generally wearing a tube top or even one of your friends who happens to look expecially slutty any given day appears to have taken a bath in "slut." On occastion a slut bath might not appear to have taken a bath in slut until you see her hitting on every boy at the party including your boyfriend.
"Get off my man, you slut bath."
"Wo, you had a slut bath didn't you?"

Person A: That girl looks insanely slutty.
Person B: Someone took a long slut bath.
by Cassie Marie September 01, 2006
When you're neighbors are playing kick ball in the street and yelling obsenities at 3 in the morning and you're sober and have to work the next morning.
Those chod dribblers are testing my patience.
by Cassie Marie September 01, 2006

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