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A hard core partier. Not just a party machine, but a ma-sheen: someone on the same level as Charlie Sheen. Someone with a tiger alcohol blood content who thinks they're a winner ... but is actually a loser.
He sniffed coke off a stripper's tit! I can't hang with him, he's a party ma-sheen.
by Cason-Point March 07, 2011
A woman's way of saying to her man: "I'm putting my foot down." Making deMANds - demands from the man
"He said tonight is a boy's night, AGAIN! ... but I am putting my stiletto down!"
by Cason-Point February 27, 2010
A person who is so self-obsessed that they post copious amounts of selfies on their social media with no purpose other than to say "look at me!" They do this in hopes of getting 'likes' in order to validate their looks and sense of self(ie)worth. This is a common practice of someone with low self esteem that tries to overcompensate for their insecurities by posting filtered pictures of themselves to feed their ego...as if we don't know that for every one selfie posted there are 10 others deleted.
"I had to un-follow Cassie on instagram because she posts a selfie every five minutes like "look at me on my way to the gym," "now here I am getting my hair done" ...she is selfie-obsessed, on instagram and real life!
by Cason-Point March 29, 2014
The opposite of a cock fight in which two females fight - usually over a guy
Brittney and Amy have both been dating Jason

Oh shit ... crotch fight!
by Cason-Point January 31, 2010
Something fantastic in your life made possible by the act of fate. Something that is both fantastic and meant to be.
Girlfriend1: "I can't believe after all this time you just randomly ended up with Justin."
Girlfriend2: "I know, it's fatetastic!"
Girlfriend1: "You're like a Nicholas Sparks novel right now, and it makes me want to throw up."
by Cason-Point May 17, 2012
A person whose instagram and other social media photo galleries are filled with selfies - even including the full body mirror reflection ones. The annoying self absorbed people who chronicalize every mundane detail of their lives by posting selfies.
See exhibit A: Kim Kardashian's instagram/twitter
by Cason-Point December 14, 2013
Man-Angry. A woman that is angry at all men for something one man has done to her. A common sympton of post-traumatic relationship syndrome.
"Lora hasn't started dating again since Mike cheated on her ... she's still Mangry and knows she'll take out her anger towards him on any man she meets."
by Cason-Point February 26, 2010

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