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2 definitions by Casey "Tofu"

An alternate spelling of wakeboarding.

v.) the process of using a board, slightly longer and wider than a skateboard, to ride and perform tricks while being pulled behind a watercraft.
Yo, the lake is so smooth it looks like a mirror. Let's go wake boarding poste haste!
by Casey "Tofu" November 01, 2005
to "pull a parker" means to say something loudly that either removes someone's ruse or let's someone else understand what exactly is going on, usually in a bad way.
Person 1: "man i was so sick, there was no way i could have shown up at school yesterday."

Person 2: "dude, i went to your house yesterday, you were fine. in fact, you went wake boarding with me after that"

(nearby teacher hears Person 2, starts to walk towards them)

Person 1: "ugh. you just pulled a parker man."
by Casey "Tofu" October 29, 2005