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A poo excreted in which requires no whiping afterwards, seeming as though it didnt occur in the first place.

A ghost poo usually tends to be hard (no smearing) and thick causing the anal rectum to enlarge and expand wide enough that it doesnt touch the hole, or the cheeks.
Andy thanked higher forces somewhere beyond our world knowing he was lucky that no wiping was required today for his grandfather Ernest. Ernest had a "ghost poo."
by Casbar Gomez January 15, 2004
Roached. The action of putting out a joint, blunt, pinner out so that it may become a roach.

*Also: The adjective explaining the state of a joint, blunt, pinner. (When it has reached its end, rez like state) Ready for roaching, and save later for future rezzy toking.
He accidently roached the joint out on the passenger seat in pa's decaying el camino.
by Casbar Gomez January 15, 2004

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