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Short for "James Ruse Agricultural High School". Ruse is a selective high school in Sydney, NSW, known for their success in the HSC. Because of this, many myths have formed regarding their study habits and behaviour.

However, students at James Ruse are outgoing in all activities. They perform well in music and drama, as well as in leadership roles such as Cadets and UN Youth Leaders. Ruse has often been the overall Hills Zone champion in the area sporting carnivals, and in the area grade sport competitions.

Ruse is an open, friendly school and they are great friends with PLC, NSG, NSB, SB, SG, SGS, Girra, Normo, Hornsby, Carlo High, Model Farms, Girra, Cumbo, Muirfield, Cherry Tech, and many more schools. Ruse has a famous close rivalry/friendship with Baulko.
Common Myths:

o Ruse students have never had a relationship.
False, even our tiny year sevens are hittin' it on with each other ;)

o Everyone in Ruse is Asian.
False, we love our European and Middle Eastern students as much as we love our Asian students.

o Ruse students only know how to study and read books.
False, but it's always a good thing to read books and study.

o Ruse students are expelled if their ATAR is below 99.
False, results come out after exams anyway so it shouldn't really matter if they get expelled.

o Eating is banned in class.
True, this explains our slim curvy figures (Y).
by CarterBurger92 June 25, 2012

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