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A religious sect devoted to the word Meep. They believe that it is holy. Any stating of the word by a non-Follower is regarded as heresy, and it is seen to anger their deity, the Eternal Meepismor. This is backed up by the fact that the person in question seems to always end up being that month's sacrifice to the Eternal Meepismor.

The sacrifice of the month is entirely dependent on the Eternal Meepism of the Month, a piece of wisdom which the religious leaders of the Followers, the Great Meepers, claim to recieve from a jellyfish formation in the Great Sea of Meep, which is in the parallel Holy Meep Dimension, at the heart of which the Great Meepismor resides. Only the very Meepest can enter the Holy Meep Dimension, according the the Great Meepers.

When the Eternal Meepism of the Month has been revealed, preparations for the Sacrifice, which takes place the day before the revealing of the next Eternal Meepism, begin. If the Meepism is a happy one, a jellyfish is sacrificed by the Great Meepers themselves. If it is not pleasant, a human is sacrificed, using the stings of jellyfish. The human to sacrifice is chosen by the Great Meepers, depending on who they feel it would most please the Eternal Meepismor to sacrifice. The method of sacrifice is supposed to keep the balance - jellyfish are sacrificed by humans; humans are sacrificed by jellyfish.

Studies proving a strong correlation between Great Meepers whose PMS coincides with the Choosing of the Meepism and the proportion of sacrifices which are human is largely disregarded, because people who pay attention to it have a mysterious tendency to end up as the next sacrifice.

As previously stated, only the Meepest can ever enter the Holy Meep Dimension. Therefore, only the Meepest know that it actually exists. Only the Great Meepers have the power to Percieve the Meepness of others, and they always seeem to declare themselves much more Meep than others. Those who the Great Meepers declare truly Meep often tend to be those whose bank accounts' sudden decline coincides with the sudden rise in the Great Meepers'. People who investigate this principle often tend to meet the same fate as the PMS investigators.
The Followers of the Meep tend to scare anyone living nearby, due to their practice of sacrificing people using jellyfish.
by Carlos Net November 13, 2003
An exclamation which can be used for any purpose whatsoever.

Interestingly enough, the religious sect 'The Followers of the Meep' regard the use of the word Meep by any non-Follower as heresy.

The Great Meeper said, "This non-Follower has committed the grievous crime of Meeping without a licence."
by Carlos Net November 13, 2003
Cuddle, Huggle, Snuggle.

An abbreviation used sometimes in roleplaying forums.
Adam: *puts his arms around Mary*

Mary: *dreamily* This is so nice... *CHS*
by Carlos Net November 22, 2003
t3h - article/l33t - the l33tsp33k definite article. Unlike the standard English definite article, can also be used to express positive feeling towards the relevant word, which need not be a noun.
t3h h4xx0r p0pul4710n 1s l3373r 7h4n j00!
w3 t0t4lly pwn3d! t3h w00t!
by Carlos Net July 06, 2005
vi. To talk about Apple Macintosh computers to the point of boring every non-Mac-addict around oneself to death. Something that every Macolyte does at least once in a while.

vt. To bore somebody to death (or close to) with one of the above.

n. An rant of the type described above.
vi. - I like Mac so much that sometimes I just can't help Macranting.

vt. - I have a friend who's a Mac user. He's cool, but it can get a bit annoying when he Macrants me to death.

n. - Steve Jobs is perhaps the only person alive who can deliver a Macrant and insodoing fill everyone around him with joy.
by Carlos Net April 24, 2005
Followers of Great Teacher Largo

A society formed by fans of the webcomic Megatokyo, dedicated to t3h |_337 0~3 himself...

...well actually t3h |_337 d00d is more |_337 than Largo. But feh.
I belong to FGTL! T3h undead are rising!
by Carlos Net January 30, 2004
Apple's market-leading music player, offering huge quantities of storage with an incredibly intuitive and simple interface and a sleek design.

See iPod 4G
I have an iPod. Need I say more?
by Carlos Net August 14, 2004

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