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Cuban people are resilient, warm, open and genuine, despite the clear and obvious struggles they have in daily life; and their culture is homogeneous, despite its multiracial ethnicity. Cubans are very good at sports as well. They make for some of the best baseball players and boxers in the world. Winning many world titles and 6 of 8 Gold Medals in boxing in last years olympics.

Someone can not help but recognize how proud Cubans are of their culture. Cubans, unlike some other Latin races, hold pride in their hearts and teach it well to their children. One thing Cubans are not keen on doing is strapping their flag on everything they own. Cubans are amongst the proudest of Latin people, but do not need to show it by tapping their flag to the hoods of their cars. Of all the Latin races, Cubans are the most successful in America. They hold titles such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Judges.

Cubans have overcome the fact that just because they are a minority, it doesn’t mean they cannot become successful. After coming from a country with nothing, they are some of the few people in America that do not take freedom for granted.
Cubans are the creators of Many forms of Latin music, such as:

Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Rumba, Son, Tango, Guajira, Música campesina, Batá and yuka, Timba, and Many More!
by Carlos Monte November 15, 2005
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