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an up-scale market catering to those seeking natural and organic foods--as well as a unique shopping experience. Whole Foods is a bit pricey, but their "365" brand products are reasonable. The customer service is excellect and the "Prepared Foods" is an awesome place to lunch at.
Dude, I just had lunch at Whole Foods--mushroom lasagna--and now I'm just about broke.
by Carlos Mc November 14, 2007
Jehovah's first born who willingly left his lofty position in heaven and sacrificed his life on earth. This is the greatest act of love and compensates for the sin of Adam and Eve. Jesus claimed, in the Bible gospels, that he will transform the earth into a paradise.
Dude, today Jesus is seperating people like sheeps and goats.
by Carlos Mc November 14, 2007

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