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The meaner and grouchier way of saying shut up. There is some emphasis at the "Uhp" and must be said in a growling matter.
Girl:He said what i said she said what i said i bought this today omg wtf lol blah BLAH BLAH BLAH!

by Carlito October 30, 2004
The PROPER word to define vomitting.
Because if you throw up, then it'll be all up in the air.
by Carlito October 23, 2004
Something that is so disgusting, it is disgustable.
Ewww! You just farted?! That's disgustable!!
by Carlito October 17, 2004
The black and totally ghetto way of saying "best friend."
We be crunk nizzles for life, homes!
by Carlito October 06, 2004
Another word to end your sentence like right and huh. Used by most of the English and Canadians.
You remember who I be, da?
by Carlito October 22, 2004
1.Another, and a cooler, way of saying duh.

2.Another word for diss.
1. "Where is the bathroom, ma'am?"
"It's to your left. Dirf!"

2. Oh! You have just been dirfed by your own momma!
by Carlito October 02, 2004
Not For Work
Save it when you are jacking off at your OWN house.
by Carlito October 07, 2004

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