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A bias individual who uses/rides a longboard as a means of compensation for their lack of masculinity/ Inflation of one's ego.

To inflate the masculinity/ego, the longboarder will tend to look down on others on the basis of:

- Sexual Oreintation
- Race
- Skateboarding
- Rollerblading
Person 1:Hey want to go do something?

Longboarder: Naw, I am going to go longboard

Person 2: Oh ok, Let's go then.

Longboarder:No gays allowed.

Person 3: Excuse me!? That has nothing to do with longboarding.

Longboarder: we don't accept your kind.

(Longboarder takes off on longboard and is hit by a bus.)
#homophobia #longboarding #racism #bias #ego
by Carl Dowling October 08, 2009
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