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3 definitions by Carl Braganza

the ability to handle two bimbos at
one time.
John is dating 2 bimbos, and is therefore... bambidextrous
by Carl Braganza August 01, 2003
The sound the Golden Tee Fore machine makes when it offers you a 'Hole-In-One' opportunity.
William & Rob were playing Golden Tee when suddenly... BEYYYOONNNNNGGGGG!!! A Hole-In-One opportunity was given to Rob on the 11th hole of Swords Pointe.
by Carl Braganza September 22, 2003
What happens to one when one can't be arsed to change the channel.
Little Johnny lost the remote control to his television set. Since he's too lazy to get up and change the channel, he has telapathy.
by Carl Braganza September 04, 2003