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A song written by none other than Howard Stern.
In 1986 a WXRK traffic reporter named Susan Berkawitz (whom Howard liked to refer to as Susan Berzerkawitz) lost a bet to Mr. Stern and had to sing this song over-the-air. It went something like this:

"Whether it's right/ Or whether it's wrong/ I promised Robin and Howard and Jackie I'd sing them this song/
I love sodomy!
I love sodomy!!
To get on my knees/ And do what you please/
I love sodomy!!!" (Sung to the tune of "I gotta be me")

All the while she was singing this little ditty, Howard and his crew were laughing hysterically and dropping-in "appropriate" sound effects!
"Surprisingly, "The sodomy song" became quite popular with many of Howard Stern's female fans, who would sing their own versions of it while calling-in to the show."
by Carl Maltese July 05, 2007
Slut: (ssLUt), noun, perj. As compared to a whore, who will suck/fuck ANYONE, a slut will usually suck/fuck anyone...but YOU!
"That damn slut at the party last night sucked-off every guy there!....except for me." - school nerd, who was only invited to the party as "comic relief."
by Carl Maltese August 09, 2007
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