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1. Used when referring to someone or something being utterly stupid or ridiculous.

2. Can also be a verb referring to a fucking stupid action or motion.
1. Soulja Boy is one of the stupidest Assbitches in the Universe.

2. *Watching someone Jerk*

The fuck is this Assbitchery?

He's just Assbitching himself to death.
by Carl's Keenis December 20, 2010
A word used in extreme sarcasm; used for any unbelievably hilarious situation.

This originated when Bakedbroodle and I were playing Zatch Bell: Momodo Fury, when a Bitchface of Robnos started singing, at that point, we Assbitched the hell out of ourselves, then I yelled HELLYES!!!!!
Hey, you remember that kitten you gave me?


Well... Mom ate it.

by Carl's Keenis December 20, 2010
When someone's or something's face is so utterly hilarious and you're speechless, simply say this.
*Looks at Trollface*

....Fucking Bitchface
by Carl's Keenis December 20, 2010
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