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A Warhawk is the mascot of Divison III football team UW-Whitewater. It has been the year of the Warhawk for far to long now. It is now the year of the Cardinal of North Central College (2010). Warhawks usually get bent over and fucked REALLY hard by Cardinals. When the Cardinal is finished ramming the Warhawk, it proceeds by shitting "cardinal red" all over the Warhawk's chest and pecks and its eyeballs until it is dead (much like a female spider eats a male spider when they finish fornicating). Warhawks are then sent back to Wisconsin to show all the cocky, ignorant, assholes how strong a team from the CCIW can be. Fuck the warhawks, cardinals are where its at!
Dude! Did you see the Cardinals fuck the Warhawks from behind and shit all over their chest on saturday?
by Cardinal Fan November 30, 2010

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