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Six Times A Day. A sexual disease caused by having intercourse. It means that you must ejaculate six times a day or your semen will build up and kill you.
Peter: What do I have doctor?
Doctor: You lucky son of a bitch.
Peter:Please Tell me it isn't AIDS.
Doctor: No. It is much better.
Peter: A good disease? Explain.
Doctor: You have STADS.
Peter: Really! Thank you doctor!
by CaptainCareBear December 30, 2011
To be cute like a baby, but a sexy beast at the same time.
Chick: Oh he is sooooo cute.
Dude: No he's Sexey
Superman: I'd do him, he is such a Derek.
Chick: You know it.
by CaptainCareBear December 31, 2011
A sexy guy who is tough on the outside, but pretty like a unicorn on the inside. HAS A LARGE PENIS is what I am getting at.
Sam: yummy look at that Zach.
Alan: I know dont you just wanna eat him up.
Sam: Yea, and look at his lage cock.
Coach: Players get out of the shower already.
by CaptainCareBear December 31, 2011

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