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A ginger Gibbon, so severely retarded as to be an entire alphabet behind the considerably more intelligent Chimpanzee monkey.
"Look, it's a Chimpan-A. Hi Terry, how's your brain today?"

"oook oook I really like Bob Dylan"
by Captain bumface the turd March 23, 2007
An odd, ginger coloured and occasionally hostile monkey from the Gibbons family, closely related to the sloth, with whom it shares a propensity for prolonged periods of rest and sleep. The Oranguplan's name derives from a peculiar defense mechanism, which it has evolved in response to a potentially hostile environment: although the creature is often hard to find, once located and cornered it will attempt to throw its pursuers off the scent by devising strange and pointless plans, and by performing a vast number of seemingly useless activities, most of which tend to involve the drilling of holes. The Oranguplan's lair is a baffling array of shelves, drills, screws, cupboards, drawers, boxes, light fixings, tool boxes etc., all of which it will collect as a result of its delaying and decoy activities.
When approaching an Oranguplan: "Hi Terry, have you managed to put those pieces of newspaper behind the ikon plugs yet, so that they don't fade in the sun?"

"Oook oook no, I'm far too busy drilling holes"
by Captain bumface the turd March 23, 2007

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