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Just like Second hand smoke, you may be in danger of second hand penis. The act of toching ones shaft, penis, or balls and then shaking hands or touching another person, thus transfering your touch unto them.
Matt goes to the bathroom and fires one off. He then goes to class and shakes hands with Adam. Adam is now a victim of Second Hand Penis, and may now be considered 1/3 gay.
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
any marks on the scin that resemble being attacked by a small racoon or animal.
i fell down the hill and got all these racoon wounds.
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
Gay, unusual, confused, not normal, queer. Just say the word, it sounds gay, of course it means gay.
Mike is so Tosod, he tosses guys salads all the time
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
A pathalogical liar. Who doesnt even know anymore if what they say is true or a lie.

Synonym. BSB
Josh- My mom is the manager of Wal*mart, K-Mart, and Dollar General. She works 6am to 12am every day.

Dan- Dude that guy is a toltal (BSB) Bedillion
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
Clevage of a woman.
Used for situations when code is needed like when you are out with the guys and your girlfriend. This term comes from 9th earth science connections. Clevage is a crack in a rock. A crack in a rock is a cave.
batcave... Batcave... BATCAVE...!!!! dude 10 'oclock check out the batcave.
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
The mixture of liquids from a man and a woman that accumulate after having sex.

Cum mixed with vaginal liquid.
Ah Man! There is Fuck Shit all over my new spiderman bed sheets. I knew I should have put a towel down!
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
another code term for when girls are around. grassy knoll aka a womans vagina.
I'd like to shoot a load on that grassy knoll
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
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