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2 definitions by Captain Janeway

A thoroughly dislikeable person, esp. Manager or similar, often overweight and over paid for their management role.
"She's a fat cuntbrush!"
by Captain Janeway June 21, 2005
The Waffle House is a buzzing coffee house/restuarant in the center of Norwich (39 Saint Giles' Street), UK. Serving freshly made sweet and savoury Belgian waffles, using many organic and free-range ingrediants. Relaxed friendly service in a period listed building. Not to everyone's taste on the basis that a waffle for your main course and a crèpe for dessert can seem like too much of the same thing,
"The Waffle House - fantastic food, great prices, student discount - what more could you ask for!! Ketchup...what?"
by Captain Janeway June 22, 2005