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The result of a brutual butt stabbing in which you get stitches and plenty of pain killers..
Mark Byers: Hey Scott...I came home last night and my lady gave it to me with a strap on..
Scott Barry: Shit...I get that at least twice a week...no big thing...
Mark Byers: Yeah...but I had to get stitches afterwards...the doc called it a "frankenbung" on the chart.
Scott Barry: Damn!!
John McKinley: Hugh?
by Captain James Tiberius Kirk September 08, 2008
A being of either genders that attacks you ball sack, sinks their teeth in and slurps the delicious bounty.... before/during/after a blow job..
Scott Barry: Damn...my sack is killing me from lasts night date.
John McKinley: What the hell happened last night and why is your crotch bloody?
Scott B: Damnit...I knew it...that bitch was a cumpire...AND I LIKE IT!!!!
Mark Byers: Yeah!!!!
by Captain James Tiberius Kirk September 08, 2008
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