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The art of doing lines of semen.
The party got a little out of control and at one stage there was this chick hanging upside down on the clothes line doing Creamed Junkies.
#party #creamed #junkies #clothes line #chick
by Captain Gyno April 27, 2012
Doing lines of coke off the back of the chick you are doing doggy style, and watching porn at the same time.
"Hey man, what did you get up to on the weekend?" - "I went Chalk Boarding"
#chalk #boarding #lines #coke #doggy
by Captain Gyno April 27, 2012
The act of slapping your cock on the forehead of the person you have sucking your balls. or "turkey Slapping" whilst "tea bagging"
hey babe how you going with my slippery anchor?
#anchor #slippery #cock #forehead #tea
by Captain Gyno April 27, 2012
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