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A young teenage girl who wears too much make up and slutty clothing
Look at that group of prostiteens
by Captain Ed October 18, 2004
A phrase said immediately before the phrase "look at our fish"
"Yankees suck! Look at our fish."
by Captain Ed August 06, 2004
n. spies

1. A period of time (usually a year) that is taken off from college in pursuit of a lesser activity.

v. spiesing, spiesin', spiesing it, to "pull a spies"

1. To engage in a "spies" (see above)
2. To take a year off of anything to work at a local day care facility.
3. To struggle in a futile attempt to reach something that is obviously too high for you to reach.

n. spiesy

1. Used with a combination of rhyming words to notify someone to calm down.

Example: Easy spiesy, roughy, toughy, extra fluffy, <repeat>
I think I'm going to pull a spies and do nothing the year after I graduate high school"

"I think I saw somebody spiesing at the Barnes and Noble the other day."

"College is hard work, so I'm gonna be spiesin' it for the next year. I think I'm gonna babysit at the day care center."

"I saw my little brother spiesin' for the cookie jar, but it was way too high for him."

"Spiesing it? What the hell is that?" - "I don't know...one of Bri's friends."
by Captain Ed August 23, 2004
1. Apparently how it gets in Quick Chek after the certified sub maker gets behind the counter to make you a sandwich.

2. A good term to use when you are working the register at Quick Check and you don't want to get behind the counter to make a sandwich.
"Sure, there's no one here now, but as soon as I get behind that counter it's going to get all slammin' busy in here."

"It's not slammin' busy in here. Bitch, make me a sandwich."
by Captain Ed August 06, 2004
1. A good insult for someone when you're bored of the standard insults and you want to try something new.

2. A term used to describe someone who is being a jackface.
"That guy Don is a real jackface."
by Captain Ed August 06, 2004

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