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A new extreme sport where-by participants drink as quickly as possible to incur maximum memory loss and loose all bodily functions.

Power drinking originated somewhere in England (obviously) and has recently been heavily criticised by sports governing body, the International Olympic committee, for being irresponsible and 'not a real sport'.

Power drinking is now one of the most popular sports in England with clubs normally meeting for training on Friday and Saturday nights.
Fancy a spot of Power Drinking old chap?
by Captain Cheese Head September 24, 2010
A dangerous alcoholic drink consumed by idiots. Usually consists of Gin (50ml) and Vodka (50ml) with a splash of lemonade and Lime.

Originated from Plymouth, in the UK, during the summer of 2002 in celebration of George Bush and Tony Blair's excellent foreign policy decisions. The Village Idiot has since become a popular drink in New Zealand and the Kingdom state of Bhutan.

The most 'Village Idiots' consumed by one human being has never been documented as it's very difficult to count after three of four.
Three village idiots please barman
by Captain Cheese Head September 24, 2010

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