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El Cajon is a small city 15 minutes east of San Diego. It has experienced massive growth on the outskirts, while not reinvesting and allowing the center of the town to degrade. The density of low cost apartments attracts less than desirable citizens. Drugs, alcohol and crime have further negatively impacted the area. The parks were once an area to have a picnic with friends and family. Now, they are full of intimidating bums. Most people will only travel through to reach a casino.
El Cajon, that’s the anus of San Diego! (William Shatner, $#*! My Dad Says)
by Captain - Al January 26, 2011
A secret condominium or other residence purchased or rented by a man or men in a relationship(s) with a wife, girlfriend, etc. The Mando is mainly used as a means to get away from family although it could provide a means to pursue an outside relationship. Usually outfitted with many of the items men would like at home but are unable to have. Some examples would be a pool table, bar, dart board, video games, home theater, digital vaporizer, lava lamp, erotic art etc.
I’ll see you at the Mando to watch the game. If you get there before me, heat the hot tub and clean the stripper pole before the girls arrive.
by Captain - Al January 22, 2011

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