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3 definitions by Capt. Swee Righ

The concept of putting in a pinch of chewing tobacco.
Hand me my tin, I'm about to start pitchin'
by Capt. Swee Righ April 08, 2010
A period of time in which a man gets his dick (bird) sucked (wet).

Derived from the concept of "Getting Your Bird Wet"
My girlfriend was on her period so we couldn't have sex but I still got a bird wetting session.
by Capt. Swee Righ April 07, 2010
Stands for "Vagina Wetting V-Neck" meaning a v-neck shirt that makes the wearer look so good, that whenever he comes into contact with a female, her vagina immediately gets wet.
I couldn't even get Annie to look at me until I put on my VWV. As soon as she saw it, she got so wet and then I banged her.
by Capt. Swee Righ April 08, 2010