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Gay sensory perception a.k.a. gaydar. The ability of gay people to determine others' gayness without discussion or apparent evidence of it. G.S.P. often is set off by eye contact.
The new chick in the office totally set off my G.S.P. When we looked at each other her eyes were like, "Yes, I am."
by Capt. Jack Sparrow February 25, 2004
"Without regard to".

Used to taunt or batter (or batter and then deep-fry) people who use "irregardless" as either a synonym for regardless, or as an antonym for it (that is, as a substitute for the perfectly-understandable "Without regard to".

Adding the prefixes "Not" and "un" cancel each other out in the double-negative, and the "ly" at the end is also character-plaque. Really nice to insert in a business meeting when the denizens are dropping words like "comprise" and using "architect" as a verb that's a $100 synonym for "design".

It's important to maximise the taunt by putting a short ellipses- length or comma-length pause before saying the word, and keeping a neutral expression on your face and looking the victim square in the eyes.
A: We need to re-architect all the syntax that comprise the methods.
B: Well, we need to get our real work done...notunirregardlessly.
by capt. jack sparrow April 14, 2013
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